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Water on the River of Desolation Canyon

On the morning of the forth day of our river trip we were asked to respond to a poem which began.....
"In that first hardly noticed moment when I woke. My body pulled me back from the other"... This is my reflection.

In that first hardly noticed moment when I woke; my body pulled me back from the other.
I need to pee.
I am regularly surprised with how much I can pee. Tidal waves, rivers, cascades of my water that has some place in the water cycle of the earth. The night bucket was by our tent last night so I know I share this reality with the other women of the trip. we gush.

On the river, pee goes into the river and down to the next and the next and the next following gravity to saturate the ground, super inundate it, and roll over it to the sea.

It is not true that the earth has all the water it ever will. There is water deep in the mantle that hasn't seen the sun for billions of year. And water still arrives from space riding rock from really forever, to get here, to be added to our water. To toss and turn, to surge and move, to fly and freeze and fall, to become part of life and death, to be pee and blood and lymph, to be snow pack and glaciers and water table and humidity and sweat and tears, new baby, afterbirth, muscle and bone. its a holiness, is water. And now it is my morning coffee.

Good Morning Glory.
I live to see another day.
Cecile Pitts, Portland Oregon

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