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Roxanne Swentzell's Touchstone Piece

River washing down canyons

echoing with women.

My hands touch clay, touch stone,

touch ropes, touch water, touch

sand.......touch each other.

My hands hold on to the other for

support, for familiarity.

Shaky I float down this river

watching my daughter, young and

energetically challenge rapids....

I know this place within me, but not

today. My hands hold tighter to

each other, feels the bones and dry

skin that darken in the sun. I… Continue

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Lorraine Palmer's Touchstone Piece - Cataract Canyon River Writing and Sculpting Journey 2009

An ancient river, a tribal princess touched me up on the high walls of the canyon near the petro glyphs.

The beauty and freshness of Rosie and her heart-felt song seemed to represent the youth and vigor of an ancient tribe and the everlasting heritage of her people and their link to the river below.

Rosie and the river were my connection to the beauty and spirituality of this land, to this special circle of sisters and to the continuing circle of life. May our paths cross… Continue

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poem inspired by Vee Bar Retreat 6/09

Campfire Song

Purples, blacks, indigos, blues streak the night sky

A campfire sends up banners of yellow, red and orange

Calling the cowgirls to meet

“We are waiting for you

Come, come, quickly now

Out on the prairie, past the old plow.”

They sit in a circle, these ladies who write

Secrets and songs

With impassioned cries

Issuing sibilant sounds when somebody lies

Cowboy hats with feathers and plumes

Battered old… Continue

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Bette Booth's 2009 Touchstone Haikus

My first humble attempts at seemed an appropriate form for a

touchstone. And a wonderful quote from Roxanne that caught my ear early

in the trip....

*Dawn on the River*

Red cliffs warm with light.

In this place of no-naming

I sit in wonder.

*Petro glyphs with Rose*

Sun to moon unfolds

Hands shadowed on the wall

Heart song echoes their cries.

*Roxanne’s Lesson from the Clay*

If you try to work it… Continue

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