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2012 Vee Bar Lit & Land of the Horse

June, 2012 “Through the Eyes of the Horse”
5th Annual Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat.
This adventure at the Vee Bar Guest Ranch near the Snowy Range Mountains west of Laramie, Wyoming, is for anyone who yearns for nature, longs to reconnect with horses, and hungers for creative inspiration in an authentic western ranch setting. Horses have been studying humans from across the safety of a river, or from a high ridge, for thousands of years. The oldest archeological evidence links horses and humans as far back as 400,000 to 600,000 years ago—not as companions, but as prey and predator. We may never know when the first horse and human looked into each other’s eyes with mutual respect and fascination, yet horses have been part of the human heart since time immemorial. They have been our faithful friends—carrying us from the wind-swept steppes of Mongolia to the tall grass prairies of America.
What is it like to view the world through the eyes of the horse? Can they help us remember how to be present to our own joy? To remember a deeper wisdom? To recognize ourselves as heroes on a symbolic journey? What can “Natural Horsemanship” teach us about writing “what the body knows” instead of relying only on the intellect?

Participants came to the 2012 retreat from as far away as Alaska and Virginia to ride one special horse for the entire 5 days. All levels of writing and riding experience are always welcome.

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